Ban Jace Propaganda Poster Contest!

At least part of tomorrow’s update will be composed by you fine reader folk. That’s right, I’m running a visuals contest for propaganda posters on the subjects of ‘Ban Jace’ and/or ‘The Jace War.’ (Those of you who disagree with the arguments posted here can obviously create work backing Jace – as I’ve said before, I don’t mind differing viewpoints from my own.)

Entries can either be posted in the comments here or sent to me via email (mixedknuts over at gmail). Entries are valid until 9AM Eastern time, at which point I’ll put my favorites in a new post and pick a winner. Top prize will be an MBS draft set on Magic Online and a random foil from my online collection (Like, literally random. As in we will generate a number and I’ll give you whatever foil that is.) There may also be additional prizes for creativity, etc.

Have fun and good luck!

Here are some examples for those of you unfamiliar with the genre:








9 responses to “Ban Jace Propaganda Poster Contest!

  1. here are some that originated from the similar contest held on Russian Magic community forum

    (the sign says “NO!!”, the original poster has a guy, offering another a glass of vodka:

    The text is a quote from revolution-era soviet poet saying: “there is no use in messing with jace, it must be hammered fierlessly, shamelessly, with burning passion. Daily, at every step, you should never give rest to your hammer”

    sign: “I never do (nasty) things like this”
    original here

    original is here:

    sign: “LIVE broadcast”

    sign: “for the peaceful life”

    sign: “Want to look at my top card? Would you mind brainstorming instead?”


    There you go =)

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