Quick Buy Recommendation Update – July 27

I threw out some buy recommendations this weekend on @nextlevelspec and wanted to do a brief follow-up to show you what the immediate aftermath of those recommendations looks like. (Note: I had zero followers at the time both of these recommendations were made, so my effect on the market was approximately nil beyond my own buys, which were not enormous. (Oh fine, one was on @mixedknuts before I moved the financial stuff over. No one was paying attention to my financial blather then. Aaaanyway.))

I’m not always going to have this type of success rate, but it does show that there is serious money to be made if you make smart choices. It also means that if you and your friends aren’t reading the Next Level Spec articles on StarCityGames.com and following @nextlevelspec on Twitter, you might want to start… 😀

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