Next Level Spec – #SpecBattle Update for May

It’s been a while since my last Next Level Spec column on Star City, but the battle between the neophyte speculators is still going. (Well, for most of them. Kevin dropped out due to time commitments, but I’m lining up a replacement for him.) Anyway, as promised, here are some updates detailing what the contestants have been looking at in recent months.

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Barcelona Recommendations

I love Barcelona, which is why I was gutted to find out the Pro Tour was scheduled on the last weekend of the English Premier League (which made it impossible to get time off). Most of my time there has been spent on weekend breaks, so we never have time to get bored, but we always make time to eat awesome food. There are beaches, outstanding shopping (Americans will probably think it’s too expensive), and the city itself somehow manages to be historic and incredibly hip at the same time.

As requested, here are some recommendations and thoughts about the city in general. (For those who don’t care about my opinions and prefer something written by actual experts, here’s a link to Guardian’s Barcelona City Guide. If you want a second opinion, here’s a link to the free Frommer’s Guide for Barcelona to boot.)

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