Is the Price of Force of Will Strangling Legacy on Magic Online?

I was chatting this morning with Worth Wollpert, Supreme Chancellor of Magic Online about how I feel the price of Force of Will is a serious limiting factor to the popularity of Legacy on Magic Online.  Worth doesn’t necessarily agree with this (and he’s perfectly reasonable about it), so we had some back and forth about the topic. Obviously, it’s difficult to have a fully-realized conversation in 140 character snippets, so I figured it would be useful to collect these thoughts (and some numbers) into a larger format so that everyone can at least see my reasons for believing what I do.

First, some disclosure. I applauded Worth and Wizards of the Coast for running the Masters Edition events over Thanksgiving. I did this, despite the fact that it probably cost me $2000-3000 on my dual lands portfolio, and I did it for one reason: There need to be dramatically more Forces of Will on Magic Online. I mention this lest some idiots think that I am a) unwilling to take the pain a devaluation in the price of Force of Will would cause, or b) that I can’t afford to buy them myself at 100-120 tickets a piece. The current method of increasing copies of Force 0f Will is as painful as it gets for me. I still think they should do even more to get copies of this card into the system.

Anyway, here goes…

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