Ban Jace Propaganda Posters

I really like propaganda posters, so decided to reward the clever photoshoppers among you with a prize for creating cool images to go along with yesterday’s controversial topic. Internet amigo Sphynxx over at did the same for those in his homeland and what follows are the results.

Prize winners are announced at the end.


Sphynxx: the sign says “NO!!”, the original poster has a guy, offering another a glass of vodka:




CardGame: The original poster for this is an incredible piece of art. I like this, but the changes might be too small to win outright.



CardGame: I have to admit, at first I thought this one was silly, but it’s grown on me since yesterday.


Sphynxx: The text is a quote from revolution-era soviet poet saying: “there is no use in messing with Jace, it must be hammered fearlessly, shamelessly, with burning passion. Daily, at every step, you should never give rest to your hammer.”

CardGame: I love the ban hammer.


Sphynxx: “I never do (nasty) things like this”
original here


CardGame: Fascinating original for this one can be found here: I find this one amusing and the original is kind of mind-blowing in this day and age. Nice choice of original material and a good adaptation.




CardGame: This one wins a no prize for greatest use of purple.


Sphynxx: “Want to look at my top card? Would you mind brainstorming instead?”


Big ups to everyone who threw their hats in the ring here and to Sphynxx for cross-promoting it with the Russian audience. Almost all of these are surprisingly entertaining and/or just plain cool.

My favorite image of the lot has to be number 5 from Milton A. Santiago (twitter: @miltonischillin). I love the color palette, the slightly three-dimensional look, and the words on this really work.

Picking a second-place is actually too hard for me, so I’m actually going to ask artist and Super Friends podcast host Justin Treadway and wife Thea Steele to pick their favorite(s) and kick an additional pack of either Scars or Beseiged to those winner(s).

Nice work, everybody.



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