Cop Movies, Book Recs, and an Overdue Quotes Section

This week on Twitter I asked for both new book recommendations and for people to name two cop/criminal movies that were as good as or better than Heat. [I wasn’t implying Heat was the best movie ever, though it is quite good. I was just looking for opinions.] As a thank you (and to make it easier for me to save what you said), I’ve collected your wisdom here for all to read. This is what you guys came up with.

Cop/Criminal Movies to see (that I haven’t seen yet)
The Killing
Double Indemnity
Infernal Affairs
Bad Lieutenant
Band of the Hand
To Live and Die in L.A.

Cop/Criminal Stuff I HAVE Seen that is Awesome
Basically anything by Christopher Nolan and nearly anything by Martin Scorcese
The Departed
Chinatown (technically this is a P.I.)
Thomas Crown Affair (remake with Russo is one of the sexiest movies I have seen)
Blade Runner
L.A. Confidential
Godfather I/II
Usual Suspects
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
The Untouchables
American Gangster
The Fugitive
French Connection
Donnie Brasco
Catch Me If You Can
Leon (The Professional)
Silence of the Lambs (slightly different focus for this movie, but it is awesome, soooo)
Rear Window
Inside Man
Pulp Fiction

Personally on the fence about these:

Book Recs
I actually had 80% of my classics post written from the earlier What To Read books I had discussed, but I lost it in a hard drive crash and have not had time to reconstruct it yet. Sigh. Anyway, the authors and books listed below that I have already read are definitely good enough to add to your own list of things to read if you haven’t seen their work before.

Book/Author rec’s I got this week that I have not read 
Sisters Brothers
Mike Carey’s Felix Castor series
Robert Charles Wilson
Heroes Die?
Charles Willeford
Simon R Green
Felix Castor – Hocus Pocus noir?
The Demon by Hubert Selby Jr, Breakfast of Champions by Vonnegut
Mira Grant’s Deadline
Heroes Die series
Simon R Green

Sci-fi/Fant Books/Authors I HAVE read (that got rec’d) that are awesome and you should read
Vernor Vinge (Hardcore Sci Fi)
Patrick Rothfuss (Fant)
Glen Cook’s The Black Company (Fant)
Steven Erikson (Malazan Book of the Fallen)
Stephen Brust (His Taltos stuff. I find the stuff written more in the style of Dumas to be too much work even though it’s in the same universe.)
Brandon Sanderson (Fant)
Robin Hobb (Fant)
Jim Butcher
Richard Morgan (Cyberpunk?)
Kim Stanley Robinson (Realistic Sci-Fi)

Great Books (that got rec’d that I have already read)
Ready Player 1
The Sparrow
Lies of Locke Lamora
The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox (I always think of Kevin An as Number Ten Ox)

Quoteable Quotes
[Pro Tip: Twitter pictures should be read from the bottom up.]


Riptide (Anton Jonsson) this draft i tried to draft burning vengeance, mulch, zombies, regular rg
Riptide the result is not great
mixedknut (Me) all at once seems to add a degree of difficulty
Riptide i was switching between them
Riptide i am also playing past in flames
mixedknut big game
Riptide the black splash is moan of the unhallowed, morkrut banshee and bloodgift demon
Riptide and then an rg deck
Riptide with an island for my 2 desperate ravings
mixedknut that’s a splash?
mixedknut I do not tink this word means what you tink it means
Riptide i am channeling my inner frenchie

@billbarnwell Some questions are unanswerable RT @apranica: Yeah, but why does the inside of the Monte Carlo smell like a hug from grandma

mixedknut: seeker was the only one to steal the pack and the 2 tix back from me
mixedknut: at first I thought he was a cheap bastard, but now I’m thinking maybe he’s the frontrunner in this competition.

mrfridays: Seeing as you work for SCG as well, perhaps you’ll know the answer to this. Just saw Evan’s new video. Do they plan on bringing in the other members of The Bushwhackers eventually, or just Evan?

NicoH: 7:48 PM Waiting for disconnected opponent(s). If opponent doesn’t reconnect within 10 minutes, by 7:58 PM, then they forfeit and you win.
NicoH: Opponent’s name is Like Ur Gonna Win
NicoH: Wonder how this plays out

@meddlingmage Does anyone know if the DCI can suspend you if you get a handjob from a #horselamp at the site hotel? Asking for a friend.

@anonymous: Women who can recognize a bad blowjob when they see one are to be worshipped.

@JennyJohnsonHi5 Watching Hugh Hefner have sex must be like watching someone try to puncture a Capri Sun pouch with an earthworm.



6 responses to “Cop Movies, Book Recs, and an Overdue Quotes Section

  1. Couple more recs:

    Film: Miller’s Crossing. Excellent gangster film – Coen bros + Gabriel Byrne + Albert Finney + John Turturro.

    Books: Julian May’s Saga of the Exiles (4 books) + Galactic Milieu trilogy. Sci-fi with a hint of fantasy. Mostly about Metapsychics. Excellent. Also where i get my twitter handle from.

  2. You liked Lies of Locke Lamora? I read it and really wanted to like it but it just never clicked. Let me know if you read the sequel and if it is better, more of the same or worse.

    What Sanderson did you read? I love Mistborn and Way of Kings, not a huge fan of the rest.

  3. I did like Lies, though I was a bit disappointed in the world building part of it, I found the characters pretty compelling. I think Way of Kings is Sanderson’s best that I have read, also liked Mistborn and Elantris.

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