Reply to Flores and SCG Growth (for those who can’t see it)

Flores posed a question on his blog. I replied on his blog, but some people couldn’t see it at the time, so I cross-posted the reply here.

Growth takes time. As some of you may or may not be aware, SCG started a reboot in mid-September of 2010, at which time it was clearly lagging behind in quality writing, name recognition, video technology that did not involve Evan Erwin, and general site quality. The Open Series was already under way at that time, but they weren’t directly covering it themselves and it wasn’t intertwined into both the front end of the site and everything else. Since that time a TON of changes have taken place.

**) New editorial staff w/ a Content Manager and a Text Editor.
1) They revamped their writing lineup to cut the dead weight, while making sure you got regular headliners that people would care about.
2) They slowly got going on the video front.
3) The free side of the site is MUCH better than it was last year.
4) The Premium side of the site is ALSO much better. They added two more headliners in Flores and Brad, better drafting vids including those from Anton, and they get more content from those headliners.
5) The content on the site has shifted from a PT focus to more of a MTGO focus. This was huge. BDM (quietly) and Steve Sadin have pushed this area so that SCG has stuff appearing all the time from people who are MTGO savvy, and that immediately translates into SCGOpen tech as well.
6) They added their own tournament coverage. So now people consistently have a reason to hit the site on the weekends. This also lets them churn out two new sets of decklists every week (the power of decklists is immense).
7) Social media integration is light years better.
8) Actively marketing via weekly emails with content bonuses.
9) Added a mobile platform.
10) Cross-platform marketing on nearly every front.

Combining all of these improvements and becoming the obvious leader in the independent tournament scene (where it’s not even close) SCG has made their content quality better, more accessible, and more important on a consistent basis.

There’s still a lot left to do, but by any standard you would have to say it has been a good year.


6 responses to “Reply to Flores and SCG Growth (for those who can’t see it)

  1. I wonder how much SCGMobile affects it: if it tracks by IP, how often does the IP address of an iPhone change?

    Also, the downtick at the end of the graph that was grayed out should have counted. says that was the data for all of August, which is now in the books.

  2. Oops, forgot to leave some kudos for them. They are definitely creating more content, in both quality and quantity, and the Open coverage is great, too. I just wish I didn’t want to stab my eyes every time I looked at their site.

    I also like how new articles are listed in each author’s archive page the day before they are posted on the front page.

  3. Lol 3rd Comment is a charm. This one I actually want you to delete while moderating, and not approve for public viewing (I don’t want to twitter\can’t email you\etc so it’s a lazy feedback form)

    Didn’t you just bash someone for talking about articles on other sites without linking to said articles?

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