Quotes – May 9, 2011

Richard Feldman – ‎”Using Therapy to beat hate cards is straightforward: think of the card you fear, picture it in your mind, then say its name out loud. Do this as Cabal Therapy is resolving.”

Mr Fridays- 1̶.̶ ̶O̶s̶a̶m̶a̶ ̶B̶i̶n̶ ̶L̶a̶d̶e̶n̶ 2. Waldo 3. Carmen Sandiego

David Williams -You’d think I’d learn my lesson ordering my Thai food super spicy. Fire goes in…fire comes out.

Russell Tassicker – Starting to worry that my PS3 goes through my wallet while I’m asleep.

Gavin Verhey – First impression of @Card_Kingdom Richard Garfield just casually hanging out in the cafe, having a drink and playing games. Seriously.

Mark Leggett- I think a lot of the appeal with Dame Helen Mirren is that you can’t get her pregnant, no matter how hard you and your friends try.

Matthew Rubin: I eat at IKEA three times a week.
Mr Fridays: They serve food at IKEA?
Matt: Yes. Tasty and cheap Swedish meatball sandwiches.
MrFridays: Do they make you put the sandwich together yourself?

Michelle Tait: I hate getting my picture taken though, which is kind of a drawback
Knutson: wedding day should be all sorts of fun for you
Michelle Tait: I might have to kill someone. Someone with a camera

Knutson: do you still have that brain + gorilla clip you linked me to?
mrfridays: Nigga, I still got my lunch money from the 3rd grade
Knutson: Lies! Yo mama was on welfare and you only had a lunch card.

Courtney DelVecchio- has been laid off three times in one week from the same job. That’s gotta be a record.

Dan Barrett – (Re: The burgeoning PV + Lauren Lee relationship (which, much like #conleyhasdiabetes is probably a complete fabrication)): “The only thing she had yet to qualify for… was his heart”

SamStod – Little known fact- Ichor Wellspring is both a magic card, and the nickname for @witzo’s heart.

Jason Meyer -Sometimes I’ll turn off all the lights and leave the cat in the dark for fifteen minutes, just so I can turn on the lights and see how cute he looks with big dilated pupils. He doesn’t seem to mind.

EDT – You can’t humiliate a Lakers fan because if their team loses, and you call to taunt them it’s always the same “Sorry I’m not here, I’m at the BEACH”

Aaron Forsythe – I have to wait for the plumber to finish before I can head to the prerelease. I didn’t think it was possible for New Phyrexia to be ruined by a leak AGAIN!

Matt Weber – Cicadas are your average suburban teenager. Sheltered for seventeen years, only to play terrible music in hopes of attracting something to screw.

Richi omg the 63 card guy beat me in g1
jfc noob.
Richi monored w 63 cards
Richi ¬¬
jfc extra burn obv
Richi obvobvobv

<brimstone> I remember this one time I played vs Evan in the finals of an 8-4 and he asked to split. And I said no because I watched Drafting with Evan

mrfridays (Re: Michael Bolton and this video) He’ll probably become the natural successor to the throne that Nate Dogg left bare

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