Fish Footballers Recap

I don’t know if this started on ArseBlog or not, but that’s where I picked it up on Twitter. I found most of these really amusing for some reason and since I know many of you enjoy horrible puns, I figured I’d collect them in a post for posterity.

Sea-Basstian Larsson
Stern John Dory
Ruud Mullet
Juan Pablo Angelfish
John Scales
Butch Whelkins
Fabio Au-whale-io
Nicky HaliButt
Fin-nando Torres
Zlatan I-Breem-himovic
Carp Ji Sung/Pike Ji Sung
Sting-Ray Parlour
Victor Anchovy
Jan Moby
Prawn Wright Phillips
Salmon Kalou
Scampi Townsend
Dirk Trout
Cesc Fabre-bass
Herring Berg
Roe-bert Pires
Marlin King
Matt le Fishier
Sole Campbell
Whale Clichy
Gareth Barrycuda
Clam Allardyce

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