Magic Pros Photoshop Results

The challenge, which remarkably few of you chose to accept, was to make an MTG pro as a Magic card. I actually love this concept, but somehow missed the mark on generating excitement. These were the entries we received.





And this is an old one from @mrfridays that doesn’t count for the competition.


I have my own personal favorite chosen, but second and third place will be chosen by you fine folks. 3 prizes for four entries. Vote vote vote!


5 responses to “Magic Pros Photoshop Results

  1. Kibler Elf – the name is really funny
    Helix Forger

    For what it’s worth I liked the contest, but just couldn’t find the time for it over Easter weekend to do the photoshop (wife, kids etc.) Since I didn’t actually create them I’ll post some of those ideas now:

    G Matt Nass – 1/1 Elf Child. Elf creatures can’t be countered.

    B Ari Lax – 1/1 Human Wizard. If Ari Lax is in your opening hand, reveal that you are playing Storm Combo. At the beginning of each main phase cast a copy of Dark Ritual.

    1UU Guillame, Waffle-Tapper – 1/4 Elemental Force. Flash. At the end of each turn, choose one. Tap target island, or tap all creatures target player controls.

  2. I’d say Kibler’s is my favorite, but I think the Ascension text on that card needs to link to their website. Y’know. For more publicity. 😉

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