Magic Pro Photoshop contest and this week’s Quotes

Chris Pikula

The card they make Pikula use when picking teams at Finkel drafts

Once upon a time, Magic players could win a tournament called the Magic Invitational and get their likenesses put on a Magic card. Sadly, that event was discontinued some time ago. The last invitational card produced was Antoine Ruel’s Ranger of Eos.

Just because Wizards isn’t making Magic cards with Pro faces on them any more doesn’t mean we can’t. So today’s contest will be:

Create Magic cards for your favorite/least favorite Pro Tour players. These can be past or present (so something like Ken Krouner as Enraged Baloth or sticking Osyp Lebedowicz’s head at the bottom of Liar’s Pendulum would be acceptable, as would Paulo Da Rosa as Dreamy McElferson (a card I am told Lauren Lee has already posterized on her wall). Please only submit new ‘shops.

Winners will be chosen by me and bonus points will be given for humor, sick photoshop skills, and excellent use of source material. The deadline for this is midnight Sunday eastern time.

1st Prize: Primeval Titan (MODO or RL)
2nd Prize: 10 Magic Online tix or a 10$ SCG gift certificate.
3rd Prize: Something random

Post your entries in the comments below or send them to me at mixedknuts at gmail. Best of luck.

Quotable Quotes

@bmkibler – The Andover Bookstore does not sell hats nearly big enough for my head.

@briankiblersego My head is so big it was once confused for Conley Woods #ohsnap

@briankiblersego My head is so big it was 3/4 of the field at GP Dallas #banjace

@briankiblersego I was going to say my head is so big it was once confused for Antonino DeRosa, but he’s too old school for these kids #tragedy

mixedknut yay, another discon
Riptide i have a good method to avoid disconnections
Riptide (lose)
Kepp hmm, im having a sky eel party tho
Riptide in your pants?
Kepp obv

kaib fp deathmantle
kaib 2p scrapmalter
kaib 3p myrsmith
kaib running well
kaib sword in pack 2 fp, odds on argentum armor for p3?
kaib hm
kaib no argentum armor
kaib steel hellkite is also 6 to cast though
kaib will have to go with that
kaib only equipment bombs, steel hellkite and artifact removal
kaib obviously playing vs some dumb infect deck r1
kaib hah
kaib 5th pick
kaib argentum armor
kaib prolly gonna pass though

Draconis you know what scg needs
Draconis a weekly article on all the judge gossip
Draconis called RikiLeaks

mixedknut flame, what are your feelings on The Bieber
flameWRK the other day i saw this young guy walking hand in hand with a pretty girl
flameWRK i thought “why would she want to be with that child”
flameWRK then i realized…Bieber haircut

kaib if you feel pissed and thate verything is unjust, Kepp, ask ROSHOLM_ for the forum link of some guy who never drafted before and his draft
kaib who made the wrost picks a few times, just completely horrible
kaib and then went on to beat anton a few drafts in
kaib that should pick you up a bit!
Riptide can always count on kai for the rubins
Kepp there are a couple of great 3-0 drafts on antons site too
kaib its all i have left

Kepp also, im not sure if there are any japanese essays on swedish christmas traditions floating around
13:27 kaib uh oh
13:28 kaib i heard swedish xmas sport is
13:28 kaib going out there with a gun
13:28 kaib and shooting some guy skiing?
13:28 Kepp yep
13:28 Kepp its extremely difficult tho
13:28 Kepp since you have to ricochet the shot off a moose

Samuel Stoddard: I’d imagine that the US govt seeing wikileaks for the first time is like the poor Japanese guy who got linked to Tubgirl and realized it was his daughter.

Ben Bleiweiss: Congratulations. When I search “Sluttiest Knutson in England” on Google, you don’t even make page 1 of results.
Knutson: goddammit!
Knutson: I’ve even been working on my SEO for that

Riptide: wow those alterations
Riptide: was gonna say “how do they find the time?”
Riptide: then realized im doing my 104th mss-draft

number1GTfan: rating the Man your fave made me all wet in the pants, so thanks for that- heh.
Mixedknuts:  I’m a pleaser!

Mrfridays: the only way you are getting me to listen to a two-hour podcast is if it’s guaranteed to have a code at the end that unlocks sex with Jessica Alba

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