Behind the Scenes of #banjace

In my last update I discussed needing a business model and a plan to help figure out what you want to do with your blog/website.  What I failed to address in any way whatsoever was what the hell I am doing with my blog?!? I should probably explain that…

The reason this thing exists at all is because I wanted to write something, but the stuff I want to write about doesn’t have a comfortable venue for me.(To be fair, StarkPo offered but I wouldn’t get all the data I get out of doing it on my own.) Once I decided to start my own blog for posting whatever, I then figured I might as well experiment with it. And that, my friends, is where we are now.

It’s been kind of a weird week in that, despite the fact that three of the most respected Pros in the game in PV, LSV, and Chapin have all generally sided with my point of view, one of my best friends said I was clearly trawling the lowest common denominator with this whole Ban Jace thing. (And here I thought my argument was based on logic.) Additionally, SCG copy editor Lauren Lee wrote a general response article on her personal blog, and seemed to entirely miss the point that the data argument was based on seven enormous tournaments and not just GP DFW, as she kept saying. Thus while the piece was nicely written, half of it was a straw man. Oh well.

In reality, I was simply making a point that, given what Aaron had said about banning Skullclamp, Jace clearly meets the criteria for a ban in Standard. That type of article is fun to write because it doesn’t come up very often. The timing was admittedly a little poor in that there is no Banned and Restricted window any time soon, but it’s not like I have any control over it.  Regardless, for the purposes of the experiment, all of this worked out rather well. It certainly sparked a lot of discussion on Twitter and across the community about what is wrong with current Standard (because something certainly is). As I mentioned last week, Part of the point of writing at all here is that I want people to have an opinion, so in this case, job well done.

Lessons Learned/Hypotheses Confirmed (these might be obvious)=

  • Jace is a hot button subject in the Magic community.
  • A good argument for banning a popular card can drive substantial hits, especially when you fan the flames on Twitter.
  • Content five days a week is a big deal, even when you are just fucking around.
  • Other people like propaganda posters too.

Ban Jace went up at around 9AM Eastern on Monday but the big hit day of the week was actually Tuesday. Part of that was click-thrus from around the net (especially Silvestri’s link over at CFB), but another big part of that was people were genuinely excited about the propaganda posters (which ended up being a cross-promotion with More successful networking in action). I didn’t know what to expect, but figure it was worth a draft set or two to find out. It worked out really well, and if I were running a regular site, I’d definitely experiment more with image contests for small prizes.

So Monday was 2500 hits, Tuesday was 4000, and even Wednesday – when I didn’t have any new content – saw 1225 views, which is more than I had any day last week from new content. 4000 views in a day for week two is pretty crazy, and seems to mean that you can go from zero to well-read in a much shorter time than I had previously hypothesized. This is true despite the fact that I have yet to include a single decklist in any post on the site.

Maybe I’ll do something like that tomorrow…

So Where’s This Blog Going? What’s The End Game?
I dunno. I figure I’ll just hang out over here, writing what I feel like a couple times a week, if that’s okay with you. Next week we’ll run a mailbag (add your questions in the comments section por favor), and maybe do some regular promo giveaways like Medina does, another photoshop contest, drink some beer…

I can tell you one thing that won’t happen though – this won’t become a regular Magic site. I’ve already done that a couple of times and don’t feel the need to bury myself with that amount of work again. That said, if you want to do a guest spot of something fun, hit me up via email (mixed knuts at guh mail) and we’ll talk.

See you tamale,

Post Script – I’m totally done with the #banjace and won’t mention it again. Sorry for any extra kerfuffle caused to all your Twitter feeds.


3 responses to “Behind the Scenes of #banjace

  1. I’ve always enjoyed your writing and this blog is no different. I think you missed the boat on the title though. How about “CardGame’s End Game”
    Now to go back and read the posts I missed.

    • Oh yeah, my titles today are terrible. Starting something with Blah Blah is just asking not to be read. That’s me being coolly indifferent to the lessons of last week. Or something.

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